Facing the Problem

Plastic is everywhere.

It keeps our food fresh, allows us to take drinks with us, helps us to get from A to B. The downside is, it also pollutes our shorelines, pollutes the oceans and kills the wildlife.

Approximately 8.000.000 tons of new plastic pollution reaches the ocean every year but instead of disappearing over time,  plastic is simply breaking up into smaller and smaller parts that will never completely disappear, just like confetti after a party night, there are almost impossible to clean up.

Sea mammals accidentally mix up plastic with food which leads to the fact that plastic is passed up the food chain and in the end we eat our own waste.

The Project



We cannot change the mindset of people but we can remember them every day what needs to be done. that is the reason why we designed a phone case, an asseccoire that is wherever you are.

The case it made out of recycled plastic, collected from shorelines & the ocean in order to work against the massiv pollution occuring evey year. Therefore, every phone case that is sold has a direct impact on the planet and helps to clean up the environment.

We donate a certain amount of the profits we make from every phone case to other environmently friendly organisations and projects towards the topics climate, fresh water, forest, wildlife and ocean in order to further increase our impact.

The Idea

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we can do it. together.

step by step. case by case.

Join the Movement

For a clean ocean. For a good life.

Please feel free to reach out to us, ask questions or give us feedback. Either way, we are happy to hear from you.